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The Green Fairy Absinthe Company is India's only importer of genuine traditional absinthes. We offer you Nemesinthe absinthe, a modern cocktail-friendly absinthe from Liqueurs de France, and Enigma absinthe, produced in the historical distillery of Paul Devoille, France.

Our absinthes aim to deliver the romance of the Belle Époque to the modern drinker. They can be enjoyed in the traditional way, diluted with water, or as a base for absinthe cocktails.The Green Fairy Absinthe Company is the exclusive importer of absinthes from Liqueurs de France Ltd. All enquiries concerning sales within Goa should be addressed to our importer. We are currently looking for licensed distributors in other states.

Importer and distributor (Goa)

The Green Fairy Absinthe Company

Sorantto Vado,
INDIA 403 509

Tel +91 (0)832 2274131